Deciding to see a Life Coach or a Psychologist

Life coaching is present & future-focused, offering tools & identifying obstacles to moving forward.

So you’ve decided to reach out for support, who do you see?

Firstly, celebrate taking this first step. It can take individuals years to seek support. By prioritising your healing and growth, something is already shifting… Taking that first step can be hard and knowing where to start can feel overwhelming, so notice what you’ve already overcome to get to this point!

Ask what kind of support you are needing in this season

The lines between coaching and psychotherapy can be blurred as it’s possible for both to work together by supporting your emotional wellness and healing.

Although therapy is also beneficial to addressing current challenges, what distinguishes coaching from therapy (such as seeing a psychologist or a counsellor) is that life coaching is present and future-focused. Life coaching offers tools and identifies obstacles to moving forward. If you are seeking healing from trauma or you are concerned about your mental health (noting changes in sleep, appetite, ability to socialise, work and function daily), I would recommend setting up an initial session with a psychologist or counsellor. I have had clients who have been to their psychiatrist or psychologist alongside seeing me; and I’ve had clients seek coaching rather than therapy because my life coaching approach better aligned with what they were seeking. Don’t be afraid to start somewhere. See if there is a ‘connect’ and if you gain what you are seeking from that space. Sometimes clients are unsure of which professional to see and within one session we are both able to tell if coaching or therapy would be a better fit.

Find a ‘connect’ with the professional of choice

It’s important that you connect with the psychologist, counsellor or coach and that you feel you can be honest about what it is you are seeking. I recommend that you evaluate along the way as to whether the support has been meeting your expectations and to provide feedback on what it is you still hope to gain.

Bear in mind that within the field of psychology and life coaching, each professional has their specific training and methodologies. With this being said – there are many different kinds of coaches too – I’ll share what I love about the Ontological approach.

Ontological Life Coaching

In essence, I appreciate the holistic nature of bringing mood, body and language together. When addressing a challenge, often we do so through the ‘head’ without acknowledging where those emotions lie in the body. Moreover, I believe in caring for all parts of the individual and seeking the ‘root cause’ of the issue. In some cases, I refer clients to a Functional Health Doctor who can take care of their unique physical needs that might be contributing to their quality of life. In this way, I value linking up with like-minded professionals passionate about piecing together the larger ‘story’ of a client’s life.

My hopes for my clients

Just as I ask my clients what it is they would like to receive from our sessions, I will share some of my hopes as a coach:

Met where you are – held in your experience
More than just listened to – 
A tangible shift taking place –
Sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle
But always shifting
Empowered and in awe of life’s shifts
Aware of your nervous system and when your body speaks to you
Discovering your Truest Self
And listening for the voice within that knows
Bringing both questions and clarity to the surface
Through deep listening and going with the flow of what you need in that moment
Organic –
Picking up the threads to piece together
A renewed, fresh perspective
Body, mind, soul
Using anxiety and all uncomfortable moods as a signpost
Using all the challenges and things holding you back as clues
To your growth,
Using what brings you alive as clues
To your purpose

Where are you on your journey of personal growth? Reach out to me via email if you would like to set up an initial session to see if my approach aligns with your needs.

May we all show up more fully in the very place we find ourselves. May we draw as much value and inspiration from what is both beautiful and uncomfortable. And may we remember that we do not need to hit rock bottom before we seek help. It’s vital that we make an ongoing investment in our wellbeing so that when (not ‘if’) challenges come our way, we can draw from our reserves and easily access the support.

Reach out to me today if you would like to set up an initial consult to ‘start somewhere’ on this journey.

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