If you could shift something in your life, what would it be?

I live intuitively and intentionally – it was when I was involved in education that I heard the whisper, “Why not become a Life Coach?
I’m a wife to Steven and a Mama to two smalls, Kolbe and Sienna.
I deeply value how the joys and challenges of motherhood continue to shape me – so much so that I co-authored a book to help others navigate motherhood.
My passion is to help you find purpose and what sets your soul alight. My other passion is coffee and croissants!

Freedom to move forward

My hope is that by going through this coaching journey, you will see tangible shifts in your life and that you leave each session equipped with tools and feeling more hopeful.

I believe in the power of becoming aware of your desires, questions, and concerns. Your interior life needs attention, and the tool of awareness is sure to spark shifts! As a life coach I harness your innate wisdom and answers within you. Perhaps in so doing, the poet Rilke’s words will be experienced: learning “to love the questions” and to befriend life’s complexities.

I am trained in Ontological Life Coaching, which tackles issues holistically through the lenses of mood, body, and language. This three-pronged approach is also a reflection of how the nervous system functions. In this way, change is not just talked about in a session, but it is felt and lived.

I offer life coaching online to individuals and groups as well as short courses, talks and retreats.

My ideal clients are individuals who feel stuck in big questions, difficult emotions or are wanting more out of their relationships. They are ready to become curious and to make practical shifts. They are desiring newfound purpose, clarity and to feel empowered. My desire is for my clients to feel fully alive again and to remember that they don’t have to have all the answers to enjoy a meaningful life!

There is always something to shift, and therefore, there is always reason to hope.

Does my approach resonate with you?